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disneycontest is a community that runs weekly icon challenges that are open for anyone to participate in. The themes will change every week, and will range from broad subjects to very specific themes. Here is how the week runs here at disneycontest.

New Week's Theme = posted every Monday
Deadline to Submit Icons = Sunday night at Midnight, US Central Time
Voting Posted = Monday
Winners Announced = Friday
Banners Posted = Wednesday, when the mid week reminder is posted

Every week, there will be the following categories to place in.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place = determined by member's votes
mod's choice = determined by a moderator
shining star = (best color, best crop, best show of theme, best use of text, etc.) determined by member's votes.

1. Only submit icons that you have made. All icons that are submitted must be freshly made for each week's theme, and must not be posted or used anyplace else until after voting has been completed and winners posted.

2. Unless the week's theme specifies a particular movie or charcter, you may use an image from any Disney media. Both animated and live action features are allowed, unless otherwise specified in a challenge. The video game Kingdom Hearts is allowed as well.

3. Each member is allowed to submit up to 3 icons each week, unless otherwise specified.

4. When voting is posted, do not vote for yourself or ask for others to vote for you.

5. Icons submitted must meet LJ's requirements: 40 kb or under and 100x100 pixels in size.

In addition to the weekly awards that are won, there will also be a Grand Champion named every December and June. In order to win the title of Grand Champion, it is actually quite simple. All you have to do is participate!

Every week, as long as you submit an icon (or two), you recieve 1 point.
If your icon wins first, you recieve an additional 4 points.
If your icon wins second, you recieve an additional 3 points.
If your icon wins third, you recieve an additional 2 points.
If your icon wins Mod's Choice or Shining Star, you recieve an additional 1 point.

Every week or two, there will also be a trivia contest posted. There is guaranteed to be at least two per month. For every question that you get right, you recieve 1 point. There is a guaranteed minimum of five questions per trivia round. There will never be more than ten questions in any trivia round. If you get all questions in the trivia round correct, you will recieve a banner.

The points from the weekly icon challenges, as well as the trivia rounds will be combined every December and June, and whoever has the highest combined total will win the title of Grand Champion. Whoever has second and third highest combined points total will will Honorable Mention prizes.

Lead: brandi
In charge of posting weekly themes, voting, winners, and banners.

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